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The firm

WM LAW has based its offices in a cosy environment in Rennes, capital of the region. The firm also works in Paris and accompanies its French and international clients whether in French, English or Spanish.

WM LAW core business is focused on corporate counsel for entrepreneurs throughout their professional life:

  • Business creation or takeovers;
  • Development, growth (internal or external), assistance in investment, corporate security, tax and transactional advice
  • Wealth protection of entrepreneur
  • Asset valuation and protection through intellectual property
  • Business transfer

WM LAW culture relies on a number of strong values based on the highest standards of excellence shared by all its members, which constitute the fundamentals of the firm.


The first expectation of our clients: attentiveness and common action throughout their project towards the same goal;
not just mere, useless, sporadic onlookers. We are committed to responsiveness. We intend to be available as much as possible
and reply to requests for information in a timely manner. We handle all legal matters in a dynamic manner.
Our intention is to facilitate not to hamper businesses and processes. Last but not least, we always look for innovative solutions
and approach for our clients.


You consult with us, you choose us and you trust us. We therefore have a duty to keep you informed of our work in full transparency.
It gives you the guarantee of perfect visibility.


All WM LAW lawyers excel in their specialization. Their extensive, collective expertise allows the firm to offer outstanding services
and proficiency with absolute accuracy and legal security. Teamwork also enables the firm to cover any legal matter whatever aspects are involved.
At WM LAW, we seek effective and efficient ways to solve problems and better serve clients. We intend to understand, compare and reconcile.


The founders and members of WM LAW have not chosen each other solely because they are serious professionals,
but just as much because they do not take themselves seriously. The firm thus provides rigorous work while preserving its convivial,
warm state of mind. WM LAW is always on the ball and keeps moving forward.

Our team

Tax specialist

Angélina BLOT

+33 (0)6 35 09 67 31

IP-Contracts-Business Lawyer


+33 (0)2 90 09 95 46

Corporate Law Assistant

Sabrina BODIN

+33 (0)2 90 09 95 50

Lawyer Business Law


+33 (0)2 90 09 95 50