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Expertise field

WM LAW deals with many aspects of business law in France and worldwide. This enables the firm to advise its clients on their transactions and represent them in litigation matters.

WM LAW selected practice areas:

  • Intellectual property, economic law (transactions, competition law, distribution);
  • Sports law;
  • Corporate and company law, tax law…

WM LAW also provides legal expertise in corporate law.

  • Company formation;
  • Regular legal supervision;
  • Equity transactions (capital increases/decreases, transferable securities issues…);
  • Restructuring (mergers, complete transfer of assets and liabilities, partial contribution of assets, demergers);
  • Insolvency.
WM LAW also handles external growth operations (transfers of control), capital investment, private equity, LBO/OBO:
  • Negotiation and writing of documents;
  • Acquisition audits/Due diligence procedures;
  • Shareholders’ agreements;
  • Management package ;
  • Optimization of buyback operations;
  • Financing (banks, bonds, subordination).

WM LAW assists companies of all sizes and private owners in their tax operations.

WM LAW assists its clients and provides advice on the following tax fields:

  • Restructuring of companies and corporations (mergers, partial contribution of assets, complete transfer of assets and liabilities, demergers);
  • Assistance in all corporate tax operations (management package, capital decrease, buyback operations, LBO);
  • Assistance in corporate tax optimization (tax integration, parent-subsidiary relationship, active holding company);
  • Restructuring of real estate properties;
  • Assistance in tax audits and disputes;
  • Optimization of the CEO’s remuneration;
  • Regularization of overseas undeclared assets;
  • Global wealth analysis of CEO and private owners (optimization of transfer, life insurance and additional income, preservation of standards of living);
  • Assistance in French wealth tax and income tax returns for residents and non-residents;
  • Assistance and legal advice on relocation and expatriation.

WM LAW provides advice and representation in relation to intellectual property.

Counsel :
  • Trademark registration in France, Europe and worldwide;
  • Research of any precedence and analysis;
  • Creations: Copyright protection and/or registration of designs;
  • Inventions: Patent and/or know-how protection (related to industrial property counsel);
  • Writing of agreements relating to intellectual property (licence, transfer, coexistence, publishing, etc.).
  • Objection procedures before registration offices (INPI*, OHMI) ;
  • Legal actions relating to intellectual property rights (infringement, nullity, forfeiture, etc.) and closely related to unfair competition-commercial parasitism.

*INPI: French Industrial Property Office


WM LAW also assists its clients in the writing, execution, termination or any disputes related to their transaction agreements or general terms and conditions of sale (debt collection, transactional liability, abusive breach of a business relationship…).
WM LAW has also developed extensive experience in the various distribution networks (franchise, selective or exclusive distribution channels), intermediate (sales agents, business development executives…) and also in competition law (anti-competitive practices, restrictive competition practices, unfair competition).

WM LAW provides all sports stakeholders with legal advice and representation regarding any issues in this particular field.

We especially provide associations and sports clubs
with legal advice including professional sports.
  • Relationship between sports clubs and stakeholders (sport employment law): members, staff, athletes, volunteers, sports agents…;
  • Relationship between sports clubs and organizations (Leagues, Federations…): clubs structuring, sports regulation, disciplinary matters…;
  • Transaction agreements and intellectual property related to sports (trademark, image…);
  • Transfers: we help athletes and/or clubs negotiate and establish transfer agreements;
  • Sports events: regulation in sports contests, disciplinary law, clubs liability.

Our process

Our profession implies a close collaboration involving our expertise and process to best serve your interests. Below is a broad outline of our approach:
point methodo
We first meet to define your situation & objectives.
We establish a review of your needs and ask for documents.
Technical and financial offer with deadlines for completion; discussion & validation.
Assistance: we are committed to performing what we proposed in the first place.